Thursday, May 28, 2015

Spring 2015 update: roller derby, rape, and more.

As I mentioned in my last post in 2014, I got involved in roller derby a few years back.  That,along with divorce, two job changes, two moves, two cancer diagnoses (not me), and regular life stuff have been keeping me pretty busy.  So busy, in fact, that I have not even thought about updating this blog.  I apologize, dear readers, for my inattention.  Surely, there hasn't been enough out there in the Internet to read without my pearls of wisdom.  I hate to disappoint, but I am afraid I must.  I am busy dealing with this right now, and so my time and energy is pretty much sapped.

An open letter about rape.

Fear not.  I promise to return.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Saucy Vixen, I Google you whenever I want to read about Dean Saluti. I imagine you have moved on from him and his wife, a good thing for you. They are vicious and petty people, though she works hard to hide her true personality. Dean doesn't bother. I was shocked recently to find out that Dean has two brothers. I never imagined that there could be another Dean, I have now started out on a mission to find his brothers and to see if they are as miserable a species as he is. I would love to read more of your recollections about him.