Tuesday, November 28, 2006

How is love like the circus?

A friend of mine recently got screwed over by his girlfriend. This is par for the course not for this particular friend, but in general. All the time, people are getting their hearts broken. At best, we get hurt and get over it. At worst, we become numb and forget what it is to feel. The solution? There really is not a good one. But thinking about this did remind me of something I wrote over a year ago when I was in a contemplative mood and caught up in my own ongoing relationship drama:

September 24, 20051.40 p.m.

I realized something last night. It never stops. Love. Once you love someone, you don’t fall out of love. It’s always there, and it’s a part of you. So instead of trying desperately to fall out of love and to stop caring, it’s far simpler just to let that love go. Release it rather than fight against it. And remember how good it felt when it was a part of you, and not just something that exists in a buried cavern inside yourself. Those people that I have loved – that love isn’t gone. It’s just faded, and I remember it as I’d remember a trip to the circus when I was five years old. A memory, dull, washed out, yet still alive.