Tuesday, May 1, 2012

No one wants to eat an anus.

I lived in Boston from 1997 until 2003.  On Charles Street, a few blocks from my college dorm that straddled Boston's Back Bay and Beacon Hill communities, was a small market called Deluca's.  Deluca's had it all: a basement wine cellar, specialty items (like mango juice), sushi made on-site, and--of course--the deli section.  Like most smaller markets, the deli featured premium meats as well as homemade salads, soups and stews.

For four years, I would giggle whenever I passed the deli section and noticed the sign for Deluca's homemade "Black Anus Beef Stew."  For four years, the sign never changed.  And for four years, I never saw anyone buy that homemade anus beef stew.

Finally, a month before I graduated from college in 2001, I finally pointed out the spelling mistake to a guy behind the deli counter.  He happened to be the owner's son.

"Man!" he exclaimed.  "My dad has been wondering for years why NO ONE ever bought that stew."


The Erudite Gringo said...


The Erudite Gringo said...
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Throwing Gas said...

This really is a fantastic blog. I found it while searching for exegesis of "We Built This City" It is kind of nice to find something worth reading in a blog about the life and times of someone I have never met.

kaney said...

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Autism Blog said...

No way, did this really happen, way too funny.
I am sitting here giggling and my cat thinks I have finally lost my mind.
Thanks for the laugh.

J Sanchez said...

I was in Boston from '95 to '98. I miss it. I especially miss the Tower Records on Mass Ave and Newbury

Get back to blogging!

Anne-Marie O'Rourke said...

That's so funny.